How to Write Scenes in Novels and Short Stories

How to Write Scenes in Novels and Short Stories

Writing a novel? Focus on scenes. Scenes in a novel are the heart of your novel. When you know how to write scenes, you’ll write better books.

A scene is a unit of ACTION. Make something HAPPEN — something important, which changes things for your main character.

How to ensure that something happens in a scene

1. Pick a goal for the primary character in the scene.

2. Before you start writing, brainstorm ways in which your character tries to achieve that goal. Will he win, or fail?

3. How do the other characters in the scene feel? Do they reveal their feelings? Do they know the primary character’s goal? How they they help or hinder him?

4. Write the first sentence in the scene.

5. Write the final sentence (these two sentences may/ will change after you’ve written the scene.)

6. Write your scene.

Read this article for more on making something happen in your novel or short story.

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