Self-Publishing Success With Social Media: 4 Content Curation Tips

Self-Publishing Success With Social Media: 4 Content Curation Tips

Hate blogging? Some authors do. I love it because it’s so easy — I’m writing anyway, so why not blog?

Of course, blogging is just one form of social media. You can use social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about your books too.

Eliminate social media panic with content curation

Sometimes when I mention blogging to a self-publishing author (because blogging is easy, cheap, and effective) they panic. But I don’t know what to blog about…

Consider this. Social media is social. You can post others’ content as well as your own. When you find and share others’ great content, this strategy is known as content curation.

1. Find great content and share it: content curation builds authority

One of the biggest benefits of content curation is that it can help you to build your authority as an author.

Here’s how it works. Imagine for a few moments that you’re an author who publishes cozy mysteries. You’ve written three mysteries about your heroine, a retired military dog handler who lives in a small English village. You want to use content curation to promote your cozies.

Start by thinking about who might buy your books. Make a list. Your list could include:

  • Readers who love cozies;
  • Readers who love dog books;
  • Fans of various authors who write books similar to yours…

Next, think about the type of content those readers might enjoy. In other words, get into the mindset of your ideal reader, and make a list of that reader’s interests.

Your ideal reader’s interests will guide you when you’re curating content. Your curated content could include material on topics as disparate as English cricket, recipes for dog food, and Agatha Christie.

Of course, while you’re happily curating others’ content, don’t forget to share promotions for your own books too.

2. Use tools to help you to curate content (some tools are free)

There are many, many social media tools you can use for content creation.

While content curation is possible without tools, tools like Buffer make it easier. Buffer is a social media sharing app which can automate sharing; it has a free plan, so it costs you nothing to get started.

3. While curating, remember your goals — it’s easy to lose sight of them

Unfortunately, social media can become a HUGE time sink, as I know to my cost, so remember your goals.

Your primary goal is to promote your books. Since a goal without a deadline is merely a dream, set goals with deadlines.

For example:

4. Use strategy when choosing your content curation sources: you never know who’s reading

Sharing your content discoveries takes minimal time — finding and reading content takes a lot of time. That said, you’re probably reading for entertainment anyway.

You may already have a list of websites and blogs you follow, so make your content choices strategic.

Let’s say that you’d love to have your cozy mysteries featured on Blog A. Why not share content from Blog A for a few weeks? Of course, there’s no guarantee that Blog A will review your upcoming mystery… on the other hand Blog A may do that.

If Bog A doesn’t, another blog or website might take note of what you’re posting, and get in touch.

In short, content curation is a way of winning friends and influencing people. Who knows, you may share content from a literary agent, and that agent, or another may contact you.

Onward… Try content curation. It’s fun, and it can be a powerful tool in your book marketing arsenal.

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