Scrivener: Create An Advance Reading Copy (ARC) Of Your Book for Early Reviewers

Creating An Advance Reading Copy (ARC) Of Your Book for Early Reviewers

Happy days. Your book’s ready to be sent to beta readers and/ or early reviewers.

I’ve been sharing my system of creating ARCs (Advance Reading Copies) of books with my Fiction Frenzy students, and they’ve found it helpful. I hope you to too.

If you use Scrivener…

I use Scrivener on my Mac to create ARCs; use the MS Word method below if  you use Word.

Either way, the method’s simplicity itself. 

Compile the draft, just as you would if you were getting the ebook ready for Amazon. Include your cover image in the compile; this lets you see how the image will look on the Kindle.

Hit the Compile button, and choose Compile for Kindle ebook (MOBI). Save the MOBI file to your computer’s desktop (or where you can find it again).

Check the MOBI file for errors, by sending it to your Kindle. Wait a minute or two, and your ebook will be ready to view on your phone, iPad, or on your Kindle. If you find errors, correct them in the Scrivener file, and then compile it again.

You can now send the ARC to your beta readers, or to early reviewers as an email attachment. Send them the link to Send to Kindle too, in case they don’t have it.

If you use MS Word…

Save your ebook document as a PDF, and use Send to Kindle to check it for errors. You can then send the PDF to your reviewers, with the link to Send to Kindle.

Tip: once I’ve completed the first draft of anything, I like to read it through to get a sense of the book as a whole. However, if I read it in Scrivener, I find myself editing. To prevent that, I compile a MOBI file and read it in the Kindle app on my iPad. No more busy editing fingers. (I admit I still make notes, although I try not to.)

Scrivener links

Here’s Scrivener 2 for Mac OS X

Here’s Scrivener for Windows

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