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Self-Publishing: Create Professional Ebook Covers Fast

Self-Publishing: Create Professional Ebook Covers Fast

Cover design is one of the biggest challenges authors have with self-publishing. Authors can spend so much energy and money on their covers, that the ebook that they’re writing takes second place.

Here’s a tip…

Self-publishing secret: the cover hooks them, the content sells them

Yes, your cover is important. Your content is more important however. You need to get a process in place so that you don’t spend too much time worrying about cover designs, especially if you’re publishing consistently.

Over the past year, many more authors have started self-publishing short fiction: short stories and novellas. And why not? Writing short material boosts your sales, and if you’re a new author, you can learn how to write fiction by writing and publishing short stories.

I’ve just published Short Fiction Secrets: How To Write And Sell Short Stories, and the most popular questions I received related to ebook covers.

If you’re publishing a couple of short stories a month, payments to designers add up fast. In addition to money, time is a concern too. Good designers are booked up months in advance. So, if you wait for your designer to get to you, you’re losing money because you’re not publishing regularly and consistently.

The solution? It’s time to take courage, and learn how to create your own covers.

Let’s look at a couple of ways to create professional ebook cover designs quickly.

1. Canva to the rescue: a great cover design in minutes

Canva to the rescue: a great cover design in minutes

As you can see from the image above, Canva.com offers lots of templates for ebooks and blogging. Click on the Kindle Cover template. Canva creates an ebook cover for you instantly.

You can upload your own image to use on the cover, or you can choose an image from Canva. The image in this cover below is a free image.

You can upload your own image to use on the cover, or you can choose an image from Canva

Alternatively, if you already have a cover image you want to use, you can upload it from your computer.

2. Picmonkey: upload your own image, and create a free cover

I love Picmonkey.com. It’s a fast an easy way to create a cover image. Click the Design image at the top of the page, and choose custom. Enter your cover’s dimensions.

For your book cover designs, Amazon recommends these dimensions: “a minimum of 625 pixels on the shortest side and 1000 pixels on the longest side; for best quality, your image should be 2500 pixels on the longest side.”

When your image is created, click the Overlays icon, and choose an image from your computer.

As you can see in the image below, you can resize your image, fade it, and can change the blend mode too.

Picmonkey: upload your own image, and create a free cover

Tip: once you’ve edited the image, click the Combine Elements icon on the top of the page to ensure that you don’t mess up your image when you begin adding elements, such as text, to it.

Once you’ve finished editing your cover, save it, using the “Sean” option, so that you get the best image quality possible.

Creating images for a series? Create a template

Make notes while you create your cover image, so that you can create similar images in future. Make a note of:

  • Where you obtained the image, and any image license restrictions;
  • The fonts you used;
  • The cover dimensions.

Save a copy of the original image file too — this means that you can revise the cover if you need to do it.

Canva will save your cover image, so that you can use it as a template for future covers.

Picmonkey however doesn’t save anything. This means that when you close Picmonkey, if you don’t save your image, it’s gone for good. In addition, Picmonkey only saves flat images; you can’t save any of the image’s layers, and can’t go back to edit the layers later.

To create a template in Picmonkey, save versions as you go: a version with just the image, then another version with elements which won’t change from book to book — the author name for example.

Yes, you can design your own book covers

Creating your own book covers isn’t difficult. Yes, you’ll get a better cover from a pro designer, but you can learn to create your own. When you publish regularly, knowing that you can create your own covers saves hassles.

Once you’ve created several ebook covers, you’ll be able to create a new cover in just a few minutes. And of course, since it’s an ebook, you can change the cover at any time. Self-publishing has many benefits, and easy editing is one of them. Have fun. 🙂

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Ebook Covers: Create Cover Images Which Sell

Ebook Covers: Create Cover Images Which Sell

Worried about your ebook covers? Cover images seem to be an on-going challenge for authors. Each week, we get questions about Kindle covers, and Kindle formatting.

Let’s look at creating cover images which sell.

An image isn’t just an image: it’s marketing

Do your ebook covers sell? Yes — and no. A wonderful cover won’t sell a mediocre ebook. On the other hand, a bad cover will hurt your sales.

Essentially, your cover is a sales tool.

Here’s a BIG tip: look at ebook covers in your genre. Your cover raises expectations. If you’re writing a spooky horror novel, you don’t want your cover to look sweet, or as if you’re writing a techno-thriller. See what other authors are doing cover-wise, then match your cover to your genre.

You have many, many ways to develop wonderful covers. You can:

  • Create your own (tools like Canva make it easy);
  • Buy pre-made covers;
  • Hire a designer;
  • Use Amazon’s free Cover Creator.

To make sales you need a full package of images

Keep in mind that you need more than just an ebook cover. You need:

  • The basic cover image;
  • Images for your blog and social media;
  • Images for other marketing you might do, like creating press releases.

I prefer to source my own images, using stock libraries, like Dollar Photo Club. Then I either create the covers myself, or hire a designer. I source the images, and then I ask the designer to send me the Photoshop files.

Once you have the source files for your ebook cover image, you can create as many social media, and other marketing images, as you like.

Just starting out? Buy pre-made covers

Many websites offer pre-made Kindle covers. (Do a Google search for “pre-made kindle covers”.)

Generally speaking, when you buy a pre-made cover, you’ll just receive the cover, you won’t receive the Photoshop files.

That’s OK, because if you’re just starting out, writing more ebooks is much more important than marketing. You need to have lots of ebooks to sell. Get yourself established, with two or three ebooks, and then you can start marketing.

In summary: consider your ebook covers to be a form of marketing. However, ensure that you have more than one ebook to sell, before you start a marketing campaign.

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Ebook Cover Design: Try These Free Fonts

Are you writing and self-publishing your own ebooks? You don’t need an expensive ebook cover design, although it’s nice to have one. Many of my students fret needlessly over their ebook covers. Even if you’re not a designer, you can create your own design. Here’s what helps: a couple of great fonts for your cover.

Big tip: if you’re writing a serial or series,  make a note of the fonts you used when create your first cover design. Using the same fonts will brand your series/ serial. I keep a note with the font names in the same folder as the ebook, to make sure I remember what I used.

Here’s an excellent collection of 26 free fonts, some of which are perfect for ebook covers.

ebook cover design

Serendipity, the above typeface, is included in the collection.

Tips for creating your own cover designs

  1. Check the covers of bestselling ebooks in your fiction genre, or in your category, if you’re publishing nonfiction. Illustrations are popular in some genres;
  2. Rough designs out on paper first, so you get the balance right;
  3. Use stock images judiciously, and read the terms of service for the image you’re licensing;
  4. Be aware of Amazon’s advice regarding cover image size;
  5. PicMonkey is an easy, free online image editor you can use to make ecovers. (You can use your own fonts in the app.)

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