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Sensual fiction: use your five senses in your writing story or novel

Details, details… details will make your fiction come alive.

Here’s one of my best tips for my writing students – ground your fiction in your senses.

When you use your senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell in your writing it takes your writing out of your head and brings it into the real world, and in fiction, it enables your readers to experience the world you’re creating.

Get specific. For your reader to experience the world you’re creating, you have to experience that world first.

So be there with your characters. Feel what they feel, and see what they see.

Stephen King, in his early novels like Salem’s Lot, was a master of creating a world that you could experience. If you haven’t read Salem’s Lot, read it with an eye to studying how King uses the five senses to take you right into a world which contains vampires – he makes you FEEL.

Make YOUR readers feel when you use your senses in your fiction.