Plot Your Novel Without Going Crazy

Plot Your Novel

I’m a huge fan of the “Save the Cat” plotting system, but it’s complicated. I read Blake’s books, and I can make it work. However, it’s real pain to try to explain it to others.

There’s a less-complicated alternative.

From The 7 Point Plot System aka Save the Cat for Pantsers, the 7 Point Plot System:

(Was) Developed by Dan Wells, who attributes it to Star Trek RPG, the 7 Point Plot System gives you all the goods of Save the Cat, but with fewer, less intimidating steps.

In other words, this is a way to plot your novel if you hate to plot, without trying to understand the Save the Cat system.

The best way to familiarize yourself with 7 Points is to read a novel in the genre in which you’re writing, and then look for the seven points. If you enjoy the novel, you’ll find them. From then on, you’ll go looking for the points in every novel you read.

I’m currently in the middle of plotting a novel that’s women’s fiction. I’m more a mysteries and westerns kind of person, so I’m not enjoying plotting this novel at all. I’m having to hold myself back from tossing a murder or two in there, just so I feel at home… 🙂

I’m using the 7 Point Plot System, and it’s working for me.

Try it yourself, if you’re stuck plotting.

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