Fun Writing Prompts To Kick Off Your Commercial Fiction

Fun Writing Prompts To Kick Off Your Commercial Fiction

I love writing prompts, and I give them to my writing students. Writing commercial fiction can be challenging. You need to warm up, and you can do that with writing prompts.

Hate the thought that you’re wasting time? You’re NOT… Be sure to save all your writing in your Idea Bank:

“Ideas are gold to a writer. The more you encourage them, the more prolific (and wealthy) you’ll be.”

Create an Idea Bank, and look on the writing from your writing prompts as investments into that bank.

Four writing prompts you can use today

I mentioned these prompts here:

  1. Heroes. You’re a character in a novel; the hero, or heroine. Describe yourself — physically, and emotionally. What’s your greatest challenge? How will you overcome it? Write 200 words.
  2. Movie message. Think about your favorite movie. Who’s your favorite character? Why? Describe this character. What is this character showing you? Write 150 words.
  3. Mood muse. Choose a CD, or something from your music collection, or listen to a music streaming service. Play. Listen. Allow yourself to become absorbed by the music. Now, write for ten minutes, stream of consciousness style. Write anything at all.
  4. Brain twister. Write, using these four words somewhere in the piece of writing: space, coffee, rates, birth. You can write anything you choose. Just start writing. Set a timer for ten minutes. Stop writing when the timer sounds.

How to use your prompts

You need to warm up before you write. So, before you start a writing session, grab a timer. Set it for ten minutes, and use one of the writing prompts.

Use each prompt several times. Here’s why: repeating a prompt teaches you that your writing changes. Each time you use a prompt, the results will be different… and better.

Save all your writing in your Idea Bank.

If you maintain your Idea Bank, you’ll write more — and your writing will improve.

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