Was Author Robert Ludlum Murdered?

If you love to read thrillers, as I do, Robert Ludlum is sure to be one of your favorite authors.

I love the Jason Bourne books, and of course the movies too.

Now it seems that the famous author’s death could match a scenario from one of his books.

In a new book, his nephew, Kenneth Kearns is asking the question: “Was Robert Ludlum murdered?”

In the article, The Ludlum Conspiracy: Was the master storyteller and creator of the blockbuster Bourne movies murdered by his gold-digging wife? | Mail Online, he says:

“I enlisted the aid of writer Jeffrey Campbell as co-author [for the book] and, together with a team of former FBI and CIA agents plus a forensic analyst, we have conducted an exhaustive investigation which now forms the basis of my new book. Among the many questions it raises, one stands out: Was Robert Ludlum murdered? “

What a tragic end for such a wonderful author. I won’t be reading the book — too upsetting. I’ll be rereading his thrillers instead.

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