Write a quirky book, get a great publishing deal for two books

Got a totally mad idea? Your creativity may land you in big-bucks country.

Zombie Mash-up Lands Author Six-Figure Deal – 4/9/2009 8:24:00 AM – Publishers Weekly reports:

“Seth Grahame-Smith’s surprise hit from Quirk Books, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, may have been launched as something of a lark, but that hasn’t stopped its author from landing a major deal. Grand Central Press editor Ben Greenberg has just inked a two-book deal with Grahame-Smith for a rumored $575,000; Grahame-Smith’s first book for GCP, which currently has no pub date, will be Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. (A rep from GCP would not comment on the size of the advance.)”

Now, lemme see…

Pride and Prejudice and Guppies

Pride and Prejudice and One Million Dalmations

Pride and Prejudice Lands on the Moon

Pride and Prejudice Rules for Marriage and Life…

(Feel free to steal any of the above. :-))

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