Amazon Reports That Ebooks Are Out-Selling Print Books


Wondering whether we’re seeing the end of books as we know them?

It’s unlikely, in the near future. However, book publishing and book sales are changing faster than anyone expected.

This article, Amazon says Kindle ebook sales have overtaken print | Books |, reports:

“Underlining the speed of change in the publishing industry, Amazon said that two years after introducing the Kindle, customers are now buying more ebooks than all hardcovers and paperbacks combined. According to unaudited figures released by the company on Monday, since the start of 2012, for every 100 hardback and paperback book sold on its site, customers downloaded 114 ebooks. Amazon said the figures included sales of printed books which did not have Kindle editions, but excluded free ebooks.”

That’s frightening for book lovers, in one way. However, the article also says that people are buying more books, which is a good thing.

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