Ebook Sales: If They Can See It, They Will Buy


I spend way too much time searching for books on Amazon’s Kindle book store. It’s annoying. It should be much, much easier to find the ebooks we want to read.

Of course, I sign up to ebook-related mailings, and I check out the Kindle Daily Deal.

This is fascinating. Digital Book World aims for a more accurate ebook bestseller list — paidContent reports:

“A one-day Kindle Daily Deal can drive enough sales to propel a title onto the New York Times ebook bestseller list for just one week. And self-published authors’ low-priced titles are taking up more and more spots on both the weekly NYT list and the retailers’ daily bestseller lists.”

This shows you how powerful it is when readers can find your ebooks.

The trouble is that there are many new books published each week. What are you doing to ensure that readers can FIND your books?

Here’s something you should do…

Build your platform

Yes, you need to build your platform, that is, your readership.

Some authors, H.P. Mallory for one, are brilliant at this. They know what’s needed, and they do their marketing. And they sell.

Other authors are much less effective. They want shortcuts.

They think they can tweet their way to bestsellerdom. I wrote about this on my Creativity Factory Blog:

Of course social media isn’t a magic bullet. There’s no free lunch and magic bullets are always a fantasy. No writer I know is basing his marketing on social media; that would be suicide. Social media is SOCIAL, above all.

A writer told me a story yesterday about an author who sent out the same tweets, every day, every hour: “Read my book!”. In other words, he spammed his Twitter followers.

Please don’t do that. Spammers like this fellow get banned. They also ruin sites like Twitter for everyone.

Building your platform isn’t spamming anyone. It’s getting in touch with your READERS.

It starts with writing the best book you possibly can. Then you stay in touch with readers while writing your next book, and the book after that. Your readers are your platform. Building your platform is a career-long process.

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