Kindle Publishing: Fast And Easy Stat Checker

Kindle Publishing: Fast And Easy Stat Checker

If you’re checking your Kindle publishing stats several times a day, and are either depressed or elated at the results, there’s an easier way to check. You’ll get the bad or good news much faster.

Install Book Report into your favorite Web browser. Then navigate to your KDP dashboard, click the browser button, and voila! — instant stats. Moreover, you can tinker with the settings to get the info you want. You get 90 days worth of stats, and can check individual pen names if you like; you can even compare two pen names.

No one sees your stats except you. Your information is kept on your computer, no one else’s, so it’s secure.

I’m sure you’re wondering about pricing. It’s free for everyone for 14 days. Then $10 per month if you earned more than $1,000 from Amazon in the previous 30 days.

I’ve always disliked the KDP sales dashboard, so I love Book Report. Magic. 🙂

Closeouts: check out the bargains to help you to write more, and sell more

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To meet my goals for 2015, I’m closing out some of our bestselling programs, so that I can focus on coaching and publishing. This means that you get special offerings on some of our current programs. When they close, they’ll close for good. And yes, you receive coaching with them too. 🙂 Enjoy.

, on Twitter: @angee, and find Angela on Pinterest, too.

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