News: Wattpad’s Supporting Authors With Fan Funding


Wattpad, the online writing community, has just launched something it’s calling “fan funding”:

Fan funding is about bringing stories to life in a myriad of ways and giving writers the tools to engage with, acknowledge, thank and reward their loyal fans who have been there since the beginning. The millions of readers on Wattpad are fueling the next generation of writers, that’s always been the power of our community, so this program is also a unique way for readers to come along on the journey.

Here’s one of the fan funding authors, Brittany Geragotelis with her story:

Luckily, I found Wattpad and decided to write an original novel called Life’s a Witch for all of you to read. This ended up changing my life, because after getting 18 million reads of the book, I ended up scoring a book deal with Simon & Schuster. My first published novel, What the Spell, launched in January and the new and improved version of Life’s a Witch just came out in bookstores everywhere!

Pledges for Brittany’s fan funded book Ki$$ & $ell range from $5, for which you get an ebook with an autographed ecover, to $500. Their are only five $500 pledges, and for your cash you get to name a character.

There are 26 days to go on the funding for Brittany’s project.

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