Writing a book and promoting it via a blog

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So many books, so much competition, you’ll think as you walk into a bookstore. With so many books published each year, while writing a book is an achievement, promoting your book is vital. If you don’t promote your book with your own fair hands, it won’t find readers.

The promotions (marketing) aspect of book publication comes as a nasty shock to many writers.

Relax, promotion is fun, when you approach it in the right spirit.

An author who’s definitely doing just that blogs on Half of Me.

On her About page, the author of Half of Me says: “I am writing a book about my weight-loss experience called Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoirfor Seal Press which will be published in May 2008 (click to pre-order from Amazon at the discounted advance price of $10.85!).”

As her book’s title suggests, this blog is both humorous and useful.

Does your book need a blog? Yes indeed. Writing a blog is the easiest way to get publicity for your book. Ideally, you’ll start to blog when you get an idea for your book, and will continue to blog long after your book is published.

We’ll be discussing blogging your book on the membership site; giving you lots of inspiration, a guide and on-going tips.

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