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Kindle Publishing: Fast And Easy Stat Checker

Kindle Publishing: Fast And Easy Stat Checker

If you’re checking your Kindle publishing stats several times a day, and are either depressed or elated at the results, there’s an easier way to check. You’ll get the bad or good news much faster.

Install Book Report into your favorite Web browser. Then navigate to your KDP dashboard, click the browser button, and voila! — instant stats. Moreover, you can tinker with the settings to get the info you want. You get 90 days worth of stats, and can check individual pen names if you like; you can even compare two pen names.

No one sees your stats except you. Your information is kept on your computer, no one else’s, so it’s secure.

I’m sure you’re wondering about pricing. It’s free for everyone for 14 days. Then $10 per month if you earned more than $1,000 from Amazon in the previous 30 days.

I’ve always disliked the KDP sales dashboard, so I love Book Report. Magic. 🙂

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To meet my goals for 2015, I’m closing out some of our bestselling programs, so that I can focus on coaching and publishing. This means that you get special offerings on some of our current programs. When they close, they’ll close for good. And yes, you receive coaching with them too. 🙂 Enjoy.

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HarperCollins To Help Authors to Sell Books From Their Websites

One of the biggest benefits of self publishing is that authors can sell books directly to readers, via Amazon and the other ebook retailers. With the current kerfuffle between Hachette and Amazon, publishers are looking for ways to make more profit from books. HarperCollins is now selling books directly to readers.

More fascinating news from HarperCollins:

According to Publishers Lunch, this is just the first phase of a larger project to work with HarperCollins authors to sell books and ebooks directly to readers around the world:

Within the next couple of weeks Harper “will reach out to authors to make a concrete proposition” on how they “will be able to use the technology to sell directly from their own websites” with some simple code.

This is amazing news, and it’s about time.

Authors: make it easy for your readers to buy your books

Authors aren’t good at selling their books — big surprise. I have many favorite authors, and I’m constantly amazed that when I go to an author’s website, it’s sometimes impossible to buy the book by clicking through to Amazon, or wherever.

Yes, you can read the first chapter of an author’s new book, but authors don’t link to their books on the book retailers, so you need to copy the book’s title, and hunt for it.

It’s understandable that authors don’t know how to link to their books, but their Web developer does know. You’d think that they’d either teach the authors how to do it, or would do it for them.

I hope HarperCollins does make it easier for authors to sell from their websites. They’ll make more sales, and everyone will be happier. 🙂

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Ebook Sales and Advertising: BookBub Raises Money


BookBub offers a great advertising service for indie authors to increase their ebook sales, and there’s great news — they’ve raised $3.8 million in funding.

From the WSJ:

“It used to be about getting on the shelves in bookstores, and they would take care of promotions, pricing and other challenges for authors, in a sense,” said Mr. Paley. “But e-books have created a ‘discoverability’ problem for readers, and stores are no longer as powerful in driving sales,” he said.

That’s certainly true. Authors report that BookBub ads are successful, so we need BookBub to stick around.

Also from the WSJ article:

The CEO plans to use the funding to develop new “e-book discovery” products for people who love to read. The company also plans to “localize” the BookBub newsletter and site for different, international markets, starting with English-language speaking countries.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you’ve got somewhere to advertise your ebooks (as long as they have proven sales) to millions of subscribers. Anecdotally, authors report upticks in sales from their ads on BookBub. You’re restricted to two promotions a year, as far as I know. That’s OK — you need to be writing more, anyway.

More generally, the investment means that a company with a mailing list of 3 million people who want free and inexpensive self-published ebooks is an attractive bet to investors. That’s the BIG news.

Now that BookBub has achieved this investment, we’ll see other companies starting up in the same space, and this is a good thing. Ebooks are healthy.

There’s been some concern that BookBub might abandon indies, and focus on promoting traditionally published books. I don’t see this happening at all. Big publishers have their own resources, and mailing lists.

Whatever happens, this is a good omen for indie authors and ebook sales.

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