Write Your Book, Even If You’re Blocked

Write Your Book, Even If You're Blocked

The biggest challenge in writing your book is finishing it. Many writers find themselves starting book after book, and for some reason or other, they get blocked. They don’t even realize they’re blocked. They give themselves one excuse after another for not writing, and before they know it, weeks pass.

The result? Another book which will never be published.

I cam across this post on my writing blog’s archives, Angela Booth’s Writing Blog: Get started writing when you’re blocked – roundup. It gives you many ideas for kickstarting your writing:

“* Free writing – this always helps. No expectations. 🙂

* Brain dumps – get it out of your head and onto the computer screen. You may be blocked because you’re trying to do too many things at the same time. Remember to separate planning, writing and editing.

* Try write-thinking – plan it.

* Are you an inspiration addict? Writers write. Inspiration is fickle – and it usually shows up AFTER you start writing, not before.

* Chunk large projects. Whenever I get blocked, it’s always because I haven’t chunked a project right down. You can also chunk tiny projects too.”

Notice we said that Inspiration is fickle – and it usually shows up AFTER you start writing, not before. That’s a big clue.

No matter how great the temptation to procrastinate, and write “tomorrow”, write SOMETHING today, even if it’s just a 50-word bit of dialogue, or a description of the ancient abbey which houses the ghost… A little bit of something on your book, every day, keeps you writing, and sooner or later, inspiration will kick in.

If you have an iPad, try Drafts. You can write anywhere, anytime. Drafts is so easy and quick to use, you’ll no longer have any reason to procrastinate. If I’m stuck on anything, I forget about it until I can get out of the office. Then I think about the problem while I’m shopping, or at the gym. Something always comes to me, and I jot it down in Drafts.

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