Can YOU Make Money Writing Books?

I had a couple of questions this week from Challenge members who are getting cold feet; they’re wondering if you really can make money writing books.

When I told my Dad at age eight that I was going to be a writer and write BOOKS, he laughed. Writers, he told me, starved, usually in garrets. Writing wasn’t a JOB. At eight, starving sounded romantic, and once I looked up “garret” I thought living in a garret sounded romantic too.

Bless his heart, he’s been gone for 24 years, but I did manage to get books published before he died. I wish he’d lived to see the Kindle era.

Bob Mayer’s done very well; he’s made over a million dollars in 18 months, How To Make Over A Million Dollars in 18 Months with eBooks:

“There are so many self-published books being thrown up on Kindle and PubIt and Kobo and the Berlin Wall, it’s numbing.  I was just watching some lawn guys in the convenience store buying lottery tickets and realized they had a better chance of earning a million dollars than most of the self-publishing authors.

But you can do it.  But it’s not a lottery.  It’s called work.

I have had a HUGE advantage in this game.  It’s called backlist.”

You can do it. I got publishing contracts in the days when starving in a garret was more likely than not. These days, you can make money, but you have to:

* Study

* Learn your craft

* Read

* Write, write, write, and write some more… Then…

* Publish.

Garrets are optional. 🙂

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