Ebook Bestsellers: The Power of Loss Leaders


Cover image: one of bestselling author Bella Andre’s “Sullivans” titles

Wondering what it takes to create a bestselling ebook — or a series of them? It doesn’t hurt to have lots of titles. Volume counts. Each reader who loves your style can become a loyal reader, and that means more sales for your other ebooks, and more sales for future ebooks.

Sell enough ebooks, and Amazon will help out too.

This article, Ebook Bestsellers Breakdown: One-day sale moves a series up the charts reports:

This week, three “Sullivans” books are on the New York Times bestseller list at #22, #23 and #24, and three titles are on the USA Today bestseller list at #28, #51 and #56.

How the books hit the lists: Andre worked with Amazon on a “Gold Box Deal,” which ran on July 21 and priced each of the five books in the series at $1.99. (The books are normally priced between $4.99 and $5.99.)

Loss-leading products are a favorite way for supermarkets to make sales. Loss leaders work for book sales too.

Chances are you won’t have Amazon helping you out, but you can certainly use this strategy. The key is to have sufficient books in the marketplace. You offer one or two books at a lower price, hoping that readers will give you a try. Not every reader will love your style. However, you will develop a loyal readership — a platform. Those loyal readers are the key to your success.

You build a career one word, one chapter, one book, and one reader at a time

These days, we expect everything to happen instantaneously. The key to selling ebooks is to write them.

A couple of Novel-Writing Challenge members are selling ebooks, and asked how they can sell more. My suggestion is to focus on your writing. The Challenge is a great start. Challenge yourself every day. Write. Sell your ebooks. Once you’ve got several ebooks selling, you can use the loss-leader strategy too. It’s no secret; it’s a common trading strategy. Your local supermarket uses it, Amazon uses it, and you can too.

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