Join the 30-Day Novel-Writing Challenge

A 30-Day Novel-Writing Challenge

Read for a Challenge? Join our novel-writing Challenge.

The Challenge is free to join. Here’s how the 30-Day Novel-Writing Challenge works:

A 30-Day Novel-Writing Challenge

Join the mailing list — enter your name and email address.

Each day, you’ll receive a short motivating tip/ advice to help you with your Kindle fiction.

You can share your progress using the Twitter hashtag: #30novel.”

Here’s an excerpt from Day 6, Character Descriptions, which has just gone out to members:

You need to have a clear idea of who your characters are, but you’ll discover them in action, just as the reader does. I’m not a fan of character bios. I tend to forget whether they like ice cream or not. And unless the ice cream is vital to the story, it doesn’t matter.

Here’s how I “describe” my characters:

Character name/ age/ occupation/ primary attribute/ secondary attribute.

Like so:

Fred Smith, 35, landscape gardener/ quiet personality/ divorced.

You won’t be describing your characters in your story, unless it’s:

* contributing to the action in a scene;

* necessary to insert backstory;

* necessary to create a mood.

The days of the Victorian novelists, when everything was described at length, have long gone.

These days, novels contain little description, and what there is, is part of the action.

Each day, I provide a little motivation, and a writing tip. My daily writing word count goal is 1,000 words. You can set your own goal higher, or lower, it’s completely up to you. At the end of our 30 days, you’ll be well on the way to completing your novel.

Some members are working on short stories, which they’re aiming to sell in the Kindle ebook store.

Join us — we’re having fun. 🙂

(You can join at any time.)

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