Kindle Ebook Pricing: Can You Learn From the Atlantic?

Atlantic Ebooks
The Atlantic is getting into ebooks.

The Atlantic Expands Their Digital Publishing Efforts With a New eBook Imprint – The Digital Reader reports:

“The Atlantic Books is one of a number of paid product efforts that Atlantic Media plans to launch this year. This imprint will focus on what the magazine publisher describes as long form content. It will publish both fiction and nonfiction titles between 10,000 and 30,000 words, or about the length of a novella or Kindle Single. “

Many ebook authors worry about pricing their ebooks — we talked about pricing ebooks here.

Watch what The Atlantic does. If you click through to Amazon on The Denial page, you’ll see that the ebook is priced $1.99. It’s been published as a Kindle Single. Without The Atlantic’s clout, it’s doubtful that you’ll be accepted into the Amazon Singles program, but you can nevertheless, watch what The Atlantic does when it publishes upcoming titles.

Why bother?

One reason. Magazines do lots of research. They always have good reasons for what they do. Watching them helps you.

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