Kindle Fiction: Free Marketing Tips

Kindle Fiction: Free Marketing Tips

You’re writing Kindle fiction. You’re not selling as many ebooks as you’d like. The solution? Marketing — and it can not only be free, it can be simple and easy as well.

Sophie, one of my Team Up students, had written two complete novels, and several short stories before we started working together. She was very disappointed with her sales. She hadn’t done any marketing.

I knew that Sophie had enrolled her novels in KDP Select, so I asked her how she was using her “free” days. That is, the five days which Amazon gives you in each three-month Select period, in which you can offer your ebook free for promotional purposes.

Why offer ebooks you want to sell for free? Because you’ll make more sales — the free ebooks lift your rank in Amazon, so more people see all your ebooks, and will buy them.

Sophie was startled. “How do you mean? Do I have to choose days?”

Yes, you need to tell Amazon which days you want. 🙂 In your KDP Dashboard, click on More Actions, then choose Promote and Advertise, and select the free promotion option. You’ll be able to choose the days you want.

Here are some tips on making the most of your KDP Select “free” days. They’re a brilliant sales opportunity, and used well, you’ll boost your ebooks’ ranks, and will make many more sales.

How to make the most of your KDP Select free days

You can offer an ebook free for five days in each three-month KDP Select period. To boost the effectiveness of an ebook’s free days, you need to advertise the free download as widely as you can.

1. Choose where you’ll promote your freebie

Before you choose which days you want in KDP Select, visit this link, and choose your advertising venues. Some sites have a waiting period.

Make a list of four or five venues, and take note of what lead-up time they require. Next, go back to your KDP Dashboard, and select your free day(s).

Then sign up for your free/ paid promotions on the promotional websites.

2. Don’t use your free days in a five-day block

I used to do this. It works, but… you can’t promote that novel for free, until your enrollment in your current Select period is over. I’ve found (and my students have found too) that they get just as many downloads if they space out their promotions.

I prefer to start with a two-day period, then leave it for a couple of months before using the final three-day period.

3. Promote your promotion on social media while it’s running

Create some advertising images to use on social media while your free download period is running. Then post the images during your promotion.

Obviously, the more followers you have the better. Increasing your follower count takes time, but it’s well worth the effort.

If you have a mailing (kudos to you!) obviously you’ll let your subscribers know about your freebie too.

Free sells, but use your promotions (and pricing), strategically

You’ll get a slight boost from your free days, even if that’s all you do. However, to get the best results, you need:

  • Several ebooks which readers can BUY;
  • To keep careful records of when you ran promotions, and how many downloads you received, as well as sales;
  • To write in SERIES, and serials… If you want to increase your Kindle income in the fastest way possible, write serials.

Have fun. 🙂

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