Kindle: How to Sell 200,000 Books a Year

Sell Kindle Ebooks
Want to sell Kindle ebooks? Of course you do.

You want to sell a lot of them. 🙂

Here’s how, from someone who has done it, over 23 months.

If you think about, this is HUGE: 23 months of self-publishing, to sell 200,000 ebooks.

The process for an author choosing traditional publishing: get an agent, agent sells the book, you get the advance, editor asks for revisions, book is scheduled for publication… Finally you get additional royalties in 24 months (this last is unlikely, since few books “earn out”, that is earn more than the advance.)

With traditional publication, you’d be VERY lucky to get your book into bookstores and selling within 23 months. It might take you a year of shopping around a manuscript before you acquired an agent, let alone sold your book.

Read this entire forum post, How To Sell Loads of Books – My Approach; Russell Blake tells you how he did it:

“1) Pick one genre that’s popular and with which you are extremely familiar, and then write in that genre. Stick to it. Don’t hop around. It confuses your potential readers and muddies who you are in their minds, and will hurt your sales. If you want to write different genres, use a pseudonym, and if you like, let your readers know that moniker is you. But stick to one name, one genre, because you’re building your brand, and brand building is a function of clarity – clearly communicating what you do, and what your product is.

2) Write a series. Why? Because readers like series, and you want to give readers what they like. Or you won’t sell as much. You can try stand-alone – I have – but my series outsell my stand-alone books 4 to 1. Once you have at least three books in the series, make the first one free. Make your money on the rest, but give readers a whole novel to decide whether they like you or not.”

I’d encourage you not only to read the entire post, but also to make notes for yourself, especially on Russell Blake’s work habits. You need to write, before you can sell. 🙂

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