Kindle Publishing: 3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Sales

Want to sell more books in the Kindle book store?

I got a huge giggle out of this article: WHY DON’T OUR BOOKS SELL ON THE KINDLE STORE?, which stated that one reason your books don’t sell could be:

The book is a piece of crap.

Okay, I know this is heresy. Before you stop reading and drop a comment below about how I’m full of it, give me a chance. Every writer worth his or her salt believes in his work. If you don’t believe in your writing, do us all a favor and quit putting words on paper.

Maybe… 🙂 However, “crap” is a subjective judgment.

There are many books in the Kindle store which sell very nicely. I may think they’re crap, but they sell… So obviously these books have a market.

Let’s move away from subjectivity, and the quality of writing, into an area you CAN control. Your writing will get better, as long as you keep writing and reading, so don’t worry about it too much — do your best.

Here are three SIMPLE ways you can increase your sales. These little chores will take you less than an hour, and they’ll make all the difference.

1. Remember that readers SEARCH: make your books easy to find

I’m a sucker for Westerns. Give me a book with a horse and a cowboy, and I’ll read it. I often spend an hour or two on the Kindle store, looking for Western novels I haven’t read — I read a lot, and I’m always looking for more books in my favorite genre.

So for heaven’s sake, remember readers like me, and ensure that your book’s description and tags relate to your book.

Tips #2 and #3 will help.

Once you’ve made your books easier to find on Amazon, however, that’s only a first step. Your books need to be visible where anyone who reads your kind of book is likely to hang out.

They may hang out on:

* Social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+;

* They may browse Goodreads and Library Thing;

* They may read author blogs.

Therefore, spend a little time hanging out in those areas as well. Create an author blog — you can do it in less than a minute on When I search Google, I want to see your blog appear as the blog of a novelist who writes Western fiction (or whatever it is you write.)

Another big tip: Don’t be lazy. With every blog post you write, you’re building your platform. Just do it — you’ll sell more books. It’s inevitable.

2. Pay attention to your author page and RSS

Amazon gives you an Author Page. Use it. You can add your blog to your Author Page via its RSS feed (if you’re not sure what these terms mean, just read Amazon’s Help files, they’re excellent.)

3. Vital: make your book’s blurb as good as you possibly can

Your “blurb” is the description of your book. To learn how to write blurbs, read the back cover descriptions of books in your local book shop.

I’ve no idea what gets into people on the Kindle book store, but even major publishers fail to create great blurbs there. I think they get their tech staff to post ebooks, and they forget all about marketing.

A blurb is a marketing tool. It’s the most IMPORTANT piece of writing you’ll do — other than your book. So, test your blurb on your friends, and on other writers. Make sure that the reader knows exactly what he’s getting — if you write Westerns, do add words like “cowboy” and “Western” if they’re appropriate.

So there you have it; three ways to increase your sales — without wondering about the “quality” or otherwise of your book. Write the best book you can, and make sure that readers can find them.

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