Sell More Kindle Ebooks

Sell More Kindle Ebooks

Want to sell more Kindle ebooks?

I discussed a new program here, Ebooks: Kindle Sales Secrets You Can Use Today | Angela Booth’s Fab Freelance Writing Blog:

“Getting into your buyers’ head is vital not only for nonfiction, but for fiction as well. You must know what your buyers want and need. What hopes and dreams do they have? All this sounds airy fairy, but it’s not. Even if you spend just a few minutes working with the process that Dmitrij lays out for you, it will make all the difference to your sales.”

If you’re not selling as many ebooks as you want, check out this new guide.

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  1. On the ball information. A short story can often be developed into a novel, if the characters are beauties you don’t want to let them go anyway.I wrote a book “Misadventures of a zoo keeper,”which is I structurally a series of short stories with a common theme.
    It did a boomerang when submitted to traditional publishers,
    as they prefer to avoid short stories collections like the plague.
    It’s a funny book (according to reviewers) but for ten years it sat sulking on a floppy disc (remember them?) But now it’s available on Amazon, and I’m getting steady sales and nothing but rave reviews. Thank god for ebooks.
    Be lucky

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