Write and Sell Ebooks: This is How You Do It

Wondering how you write and sell ebooks? This is how. Thanks to Lindsay Buroker for the long, and informative post:

Pen Name Launch: First Month Earnings $3043 (what worked and didn’t for marketing)

Lindsay is beyond generous in sharing her experience. Read the article, and make notes, if you want to write and sell.

This stood out for me:

Even though having Book 1 free definitely helped me sell Book 2, I should point out that it wasn’t as effective as I think it would have been if Book 1 had left some things unresolved and 2 had picked up with the same characters. I am writing in a series, but all of the books stand alone and feature different main characters.

So, if you’re writing in series, leave some open loops for readers who want to see how to story continues. There are endless ways you can do this.

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