Yes, You Can Write a Book: Use What You Know

publishingpaperbacks.jpgA friend rang me yesterday. We were both contributors to a magazine in the late 1980s, and I haven’t spoken to her in years. She found the novel-writing Challenge page, and wanted some information on writing fiction for the Kindle platform.

She’s a Kindle writer herself, selling nonfiction. She has a nonfiction ebook that’s selling quite well, most days she makes somewhere between 50 and 75 sales. She asked me not to reveal the topic, she doesn’t want the competition. 🙂

I’m fascinated by her topic. It’s a weird one. You wouldn’t think that there were many people interested in this topic. It’s something she learned how to do, and she wanted to share her expertise with others.

I had to smile, because she used a process I’ve been teaching for a while. It’s what I do myself, and I shared how it works in this blog post, Angela Booth’s Writing Blog: The Minimalist’s Guide to Writing an Ebook and Selling It:

“Find something you know how to do (or someone you know knows how to do)

Here’s a secret: the ‘something’ doesn’t need to be earth-shattering, nor does it need to be something everyone wants to do.

Maybe you or someone else has a magic touch with dogs, or babies, or throwing a party.”

We chatted for well over an hour, and agreed that next month, when I fly to Queensland, I’ll stay with her for a few days.

You never know what will sell

When she wrote her ebook, and posted it on Amazon’s Kindle store, my friend didn’t know the book would start selling as well as it did. It took time to get noticed.

She said that she just made a couple of sales in the first month. She completely forgot about it, and was surprised when the book took off.

Please remember that.

If you want to write an ebook on a topic you’re not sure will sell, DO IT. Write the ebook and post it online. My friend’s making a good income from an ebook she wrote in a couple of weeks, just because she wanted to write it. She had no expectations.

Amazon’s Kindle book store gives you huge opportunities. I talk with writers (and people who want to write) every day. They want to know whether something or other will work for them.

No one knows what will work. Write your book, post it online. You never know what will sell, when you use what you know.

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