Blog Your Book: Must You Blog Every Day?

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Big blogs publish many posts each day. From memory, the blog Techcrunch publishes 2,000 posts a month. That’s a lot of posts. 🙂 Remember however that big blogs are publications, much as is a magazine, or a newspaper. They get the news out to their readers.

Authors and writers don’t have anywhere near that amount of news. 🙂 I bring this up because there’s a lot of bad advice out there. I’ve had several questions about blogging your book, for example.

A blog’s a wonderful way to start building your platform. However, remember you’re an AUTHOR, rather than a blogger, so you certainly do not need to blog every day.

I get annoyed when authors are told they need to tweet or blog every day. The Slow Blog Manifesto and 8 Reasons for New Authors to Slow Blog by Anne R. Allen | Romance University says:

“Which is why I get really annoyed when I see new authors getting hammered with advice to blog every day.

I couldn’t disagree more. Yes, a blog can help a new author establish a Web presence and is an important part of an author ‘platform’. But a Slow Blog can do all that and leave you time to actually, um, write books.”

Blogging is instant publishing

For many years, I’ve talked about blogging as being “instant publishing”. When I started blogging in 2000, blogs were looked at askance by writers. If I had a dollar for every writer who sniffed: “Write for FREE?!” and scoffed at the idea of blogging, I could afford around 50 cases of Dom Perignon and a yearly trip on the Orient Express as well. All the scoffers are now blogging, of course, and they see the point.

If you’re writing books, you’re an author. That’s what you do every day. You can blog whenever you have something you want to say. Or when you’re bored. Or just because you love to write. 🙂

Put your energies into your books. Have fun on your blog. Over time, everything you do will build your platform, and your blog will be a major part of that.

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