Book Marketing: 3 Tips To Drive Sales With Image Marketing

Book Marketing: 3 Tips To Drive Sales With Image Marketing

Let’s be blunt. Book marketing is hard. Aside from your book, millions of other books are available to readers at the click of a Buy button. Some books are even available as binge-worthy serials on the video streaming sites.

With so much competition for their words, it’s little wonder that authors complain that advertising and social media “don’t work.”

Well, they do, but it’s very hard to grab readers’ attention. Images help with that.

Why book marketing with images?

In brief, so that you can grab readers’ attention. According to 3M research, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Devoting a little time to book marketing with images can pay off hugely.

Doubt me? OK: check out large brands on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You’ll find images, images, and more images.

Unfortunately, when it comes to book marketing, an author thinks only in terms of cover images, and perhaps cover image mockups. (Mockups are those images where your book’s cover is superimposed on an image of an iPad, or phone.)

There’s a WORLD of book marketing images beyond your book’s cover.

Here are some tips to help you to expand your book marketing with images.

1. Think story and mood, to create evocative images

As with many large publishers, Penguin Books creates mini-stories which are book covers placed in evocative situations, as you can see on their Instagram feed.

Penguin Books Instagram

Similarly, as you can see in the image below, Author T.R Ragan uses book cover images evocatively. However, she also uses family images, as well as book trailer images.

Author T.R Ragan

Here are a couple of ideas to help you to create evocative images which will encourage readers to explore your books:

  • Add some text to your image, as well as adding your book’s cover.
    T.R Ragan does this well, see an example below.
    (Be aware that Facebook can be picky about their ads if there’s too much text on a posted image);
  • Think mood when you choose images. For thrillers, aim for a hint of danger. Romance? Then hearts and flowers are apropos.

book marketing image and text

2. Your images for book marketing don’t need to be glitzy, and super-professional: YOU are the story

You’re an author, and whether you’re an indie or are traditionally published, you’re you.

Professional images are nice, but you’re not competing with major publishers who hire professional photographers with a studio, and models.

Home-made is fine.

Be creative in your image marketing. Jenny Meldenwald posts jokes. I liked the one below. It’s a giggle.

Book marketing: jokes

3. You’re your own marketing department: be consistent

We often speak about an author’s platform, and that can sound super-challenging. Here’s a simple way of looking book marketing in general: you’re aiming for recognition, that’s all.

You post images to Facebook, Instagram etc, and you end up with a few followers. So what, you think. You need 10,000 followers, don’t you?

That would be nice. 🙂 But all you want, is basic awareness.

When a reader is browsing Amazon, or another book retailer and sees your name, chances are that they won’t remember that goofy picture of your dog wearing a Santa suit you posted on Instagram. But they do recall your name, so they read your book’s blurb… and after a minute or two, they buy your book.

The old copywriter’s acronym: AIDA comes into play. I’m a veteran copywriter, so thinking: Attention, Interest, Desire, ACTION comes naturally to me with all advertising.

Book marketing is advertising?

Indeed it is. And advertising your book doesn’t come much less expensive — or more powerful — than using images.

Give it a try — and as always, have fun. 🙂

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