Clever Book Marketing Ideas

Tell Me When It Hurts
Writing your book is fun. You wouldn’t write if you didn’t love it. Marketing your book is something else. Many writers would rather snooze on a bed of nails.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I coach writers, and I’m fond of telling them: “If you don’t enjoy the marketing you’re doing, do something else!”

These days, there are so many options for marketing, that it’s impossible for you to hate all the options which are available to you.

For example, this article 31 Book Marketing Ideas You Can Use Today! — Self Publishing Team, gives you some great ideas. Best of all most of the tasks are quick and simple:

“Create a freebie to release exclusively to your email list; try a short story, alternate-POV chapter or flash fiction.
Design limited-edition packaging for your book.
Release a snippet of your WIP/next book on your blog — make it a cliffhanger!”

I love marketing, but that wasn’t always the case. I cringed for years. Finally, I did enough of it to realize that marketing is a good thing. You’re helping people by making them aware of your work.

Another couple of marketing ideas:

* Write a short blog post commenting on an indie book you’ve read recently. It doesn’t have to be a long review — you can link to the author’s site or Goodreads. Just give your heartfelt opinion. This is something I’m planning to do. While I love reviewing books, it takes time. I keep shoving it to my “later” list. I finally decided this is silly. If I love a book, why not let people know?

* Write a short Amazon review praising a book which has given you pleasure. Every review counts. Be honest, but stick to reviewing books you enjoyed. I know how hard writing is, so I’d never review a book I don’t love.

Why review/ praise others’ books?

Firstly for encouragement. I love reading, and I never want to run out of great books to read. Secondly, karma counts. We can’t expect others to review our books if we don’t make an effort ourselves.

What I’m reading

I just finished Tell Me When It Hurts; it’s a great read, with a truly unusual heroine.

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