How to Be Clever


Sometimes you come across an idea which is blindingly CLEVER, like this Facebook page.

I’ve written about the Piggyback Process, of which this page is a wonderful exemplar.

In this post, A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: Guest Post by Summer Daniels, the page’s creator says:

“Then at the end of April this year, I had an idea.  I think Melinda DuChamp recently said in her first guest post here that she was ‘not above riding on coattails.’  The same can be said of myself, although I had another ulterior motive as well.  My intent in setting up the What To Read After Fifty Shades of Grey page was to take advantage of the influx of new readers to the erotica genre and point them towards other talented authors (including myself).  Call it a matter of inspiration (or should that be sin-spiration?), good timing, good luck, etc. – whatever it was – the page has taken off.”

Clever, very clever. 🙂

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