Marketing You Never Thought Of: Book Clubs

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You’ve written a book. You don’t have a clue how to sell it. You’ve created a Twitter account, and now you’re fresh out of ideas.

Here’s an idea I never thought of: book clubs.

Include the book club material at the end of your book. You can create questions and much more, as this article, Sell More Fiction by Activating the Power of Book Clubs | Jane Friedman, suggests:

“If you were in the main character’s position at this point, how would you respond?
Do you feel as if this book changed your views on the primary subject of the story? Why?
The main character’s adherence to social customs can seem controversial to us today. Pick a scene where you would have acted differently. Why?
If you could change something about this book, what would it be and why?

Create the book club material while you’re writing your book

As I’ve suggested, blog your book. Create the blog as soon as you get the idea for your book. Then, as you’re writing, think about questions and material which would help book club members to work with your book.

When you write your blog posts, add them to a special “book club” page on your blog. Not only will this help you in marketing once your book is published, it will also help you to write, because you’ll keep your readers in mind.

I like to create a mental image of my perfect reader: she’s a mother, at home. She has two young children. Money is tight. She feels resentful of her husband, at times, because she’s trapped on home, while he’s still out in the world. She reads for escape, to release tension, and also to regain her stability. On one level, she knows that she’s very lucky to be at home with her children, and that this period of their life is precious.

Once you’ve created enough material for the book club, add it to the end of your book.

Build a community around your book

I love the idea of creating book club material for a book; I’ll certainly be adding this to all the books I publish in the future. It’s a wonderful way to build a community around your book, and as we’ve said, it also helps you to write.

Let me know if you do this…

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