Marketing Your Book On Twitter? Stop Wasting Time

My confession up front: I don’t like authors who use Twitter to market their books.

Here’s why: they do it badly. Dozens of tweets a day with variations of : “read my amazing book ____ (title) Please RT” is not marketing. It’s spamming. It’s also stupid.

Yes, I know. Book marketing gurus tell you to do this. They did it and sold a million books, etc. (They’re lying — not about the sales, but about how they did it.)

That said, here’s an interesting article, 5 Tips for Marketing Your Book on Twitter By Amy Harris | Book Marketing Strategies and Tips For Authors:

“Promoting your book on Twitter means you want to reach a wide audience – and that means using your real name and your own picture. Hiding behind the cover of your book, or using a made up name of any kind – even if you think it’s kind of quirky – could put people off interacting with you on your page. You’ve got to be social if you’re going to get your book out there to the people you want to reach. “

You need to go beyond Twitter to market your book. Here’s why (pay attention!): you’re not marketing your book, you’re building your platform, your readership.

25 words isn’t enough

I understand why Twitter is appealing to authors. You just need to write 140 characters, which is roughly 25 words. After writing anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 words, and publishing those words, you’ve had it with writing.

I get that, I really do. But…

Here’s the thing. If you want to sell a lot of books, understand that one snowflake doesn’t make a blizzard.

One of the benefits of the traditional publishing process: get an agent who sells your book, work with an editor to make your book publishable, your book is published, etc. is that you’re made aware, from the very beginning that NO ONE CARES ABOUT ONE BOOK.

Your agent doesn’t care about one book.

Your editor doesn’t care about one book.

No one at your publishing house cares about one book. (Unless you’re a celebrity.)

They care about you building a platform. They hope that by the time you write book #4 you’ll have made a name, and that books #1 through #4 will sell (as will book #5) because you’ve made your name.

If you understand that: no one cares about one book, you’ll understand what you need to do — write more books. Create a blog. Build your readership.

Once you’re doing all that, by all means use Twitter to market your book. If you’re not doing all that… if you still don’t understand platform, you’re wasting your time on Twitter.

Discover The Secrets Of Your Writer’s Platform: Become Irresistible To Clients and Publishers


I’m sure you’ve heard the term “writer’s platform”. Building your platform is all the rage among savvy writers, because they know that without a platform, writing is just too hard. You’re stuck writing like a demon for pathetic pay. No one knows you, and no one cares.

If you want to sell everything you write, I encourage you to focus on building your platform.

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