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You’ve decided to offer your ebook for free, so that you can make some sales. You’re a little nervous about this, but everyone tells you that it’s a great way to promote your book.

Here’s a tip. If you only have one ebook for sale, write another one before you offer one for free. I’m always bemused by authors who offer free ebooks, without having anything else to sell. If I love an ebook, I want to buy other books the author has written. Therefore, when offering a loss leader, make sure that your book IS a loss leader – write at least two or three ebooks before you offer one for sale as a “taster.”

You can offer your book as a permanent freebie, by setting the price at zero somewhere. Amazon will price match, so that your book will show up for free on Amazon as well. Alternatively, you can let Amazon do the hard work by entering your book in Amazon’s KDP Select program; Amazon will offer your book for free for several days each quarter.

Amazon’s constantly refining KDP Select; check out the new Promotions Manager tool, which lets you control the promotion of your free ebooks:

How do I schedule free promotions?

Once your book is enrolled in KDP Select and is available for sale on our website, you will be able to schedule free book promotions in two ways:

a) From your bookshelf, select the book by checking the box next to the title, click on “Actions” and choose “Manage Promotions”.

b) From the “Edit book details” page, click on “Promotions Manager”.

The Promotions Manager will allow you to schedule one or more free promotions, edit or delete a scheduled free promotion, or stop an ongoing free promotion. If you choose to stop an ongoing promotion, it can take from a few minutes to several hours for the action to take effect. In an effort to provide the best reader experience, note that on the days your book is offered for free, it will not be included in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

Don’t stop there however. Make arrangements to promote your freebie. There are so many free ebooks available now that you need to promote your freebie hard.

Here are some sites which will promote your free ebook for you.

Offer your free ebook on these sites

Bargain Ebook Hunter

“If you are planning a free promo via KDP Select or your book is “perma-free” on Amazon, we want to know about it! Simply use the Contact Form to let us know about your free title and we will consider listing it on our site. There is NO COST to you if you contact us and we choose to post your free book. We accept all genres except erotica.”

The Frugal eReader

“Please use the form below to submit your FREE books to be considered for a featured FREEBIE post. Submitting your novel does not guarantee that your book will be featured. Please allow as much lead time as possible as I know these are limited time offers.

Please note that I feature most genres, and while I may feature romance titles that include sexual scenes, I don’t feature titles that strictly fall under the erotica genre.”

Pixel of Ink

“If your book will be listed as Free ($0.00) on in the next 30 days, then please let us know by filling out the form below. Pixel of Ink may attempt to feature your book on the day it is free, time and space permitting.”

Ereader News Today

“Hello authors. This is the page to submit your free Kindle books for us to post on the ENT website and Facebook page. We do not guarantee that your book will be posted if you submit it here due to the large number of requests that we get but we will try to get it posted for you. Please send in your submissions at least 3 days before your book will be going free, or it will not be posted. Thank you.”

These aren’t the only sites which will help you to promote your free ebook. There are many more.

Be aware that these sites don’t promise you promotion, so don’t get snippy if your ebook doesn’t appear. Be professional at all times, and give in order to get.

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