Write a book: build your platform as you write

For years, authors wrote books so that publishers would give them a platform. That stopped working in the 1990s.

Nowadays, you’re expected to have a platform, before you approach a publisher. Therefore, in addition to writing a book, you’ve got to build a your platform…

Yes, I know. It’s hard, but it’s always been that way. When you write a book proposal, your marketing abilities and plans are a major part of it. If you don’t care about marketing, no publisher cares about you.

Marketing genius Seth Godin’s post is illuminating.

In Seth’s Blog: The platform vs. the eyeballs he says:

“Authors have traditionally relied on publishers to bring them readers. The author gives up the majority of the income and the publisher brings them the readers. But then you see someone like Frank at Post Secret who builds his own audience for his (sometimes nsfw) content. He owns a platform, it’s not something he rents. Now, using a publisher is a choice, not a necessity. Just about every successful author going forward (except for the lucky exceptions like Dan Brown) will own her own media channel.”

So build your platform. You may just find that you don’t need publishers at all, once you’ve done that.

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