Digital Books: The Dawn of a Golden Age?

2010 was an amazing year for digital books. The iPad joined the Kindle, and the age of the ebook finally arrived.

Judging from this article in Publishers Weekly, Digital Book World: Publishing CEOs Optimistic About the Future publishers are gearing up to seize the day:

“‘It’s the end of the beginning’of the digital transition, Friedman said. Macmillan’s COO said publishing is entering a ‘golden age,’ but added that the question is will it be a golden age for publishers.”

The question is, what does this mean for authors — for YOU?

There are no easy answers. It depends on what you want to achieve.

If you’re a new author, the world’s your oyster. Go ahead and publish your book on the Amazon Kindle. You don’t need technical expertise, and you have a market of millions.

That said, you’ll still need to promote your book. Taken as a group, writers are fearful of marketing. You’ll give your books the best chance of success if you accept that you need to promote. I created a promotions guide to help you along the path.

If you’re a published author, you have a decision to make too: will you go the traditional publishing route, and try to get a publishing contract? Or will you self-publish?

Either way, you need to focus on promotions too, and build your platform.

Authors have more opportunities than they’ve ever had. You no longer need a publisher. Nor do you need anyone’s permission to publish your books, and sell them. Even if you’re a technophobe, you can publish on the Kindle.

If take advantage of the tools you have available to you, you can be successful beyond your dreams. It may well be the down of a golden age for authors.

It’s up to you to take advantage of the myriad opportunities.

The Write A Book Collection — the ultimate toolbox for writing and selling your books

These days it’s crazy to spend years writing a book, without having any idea as to whether or not you can make money from it. If you want to write, you can – you have a global market, which is hungry for information and entertainment. And YOU can provide it… even if you’re a brand new author.

As you may know, I write and sell many writing guides. I also sell information products in many other areas than writing.

I want to show you how you can do the same, if you wish. Your dreams of writing a book can be the spark which changes your life.

I’ve collected everything I know about writing and selling your books into my brand new Write A Book Collection: it’s the ultimate toolbox for anyone who wants to write and sell books in 2010 and beyond.

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Angela Booth is a top copywriter, multi-published author, and writing teacher. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to enhance their skills on her websites. She also provides inspiration and motivation for writers on her writing blogs. Angela has been writing successfully since the late 1970s, and was online in the 1980s, long before the birth of the Web. Her business books have been widely published.