Ebooks: More Writers, More Readers, More Opportunities

Ebooks offer unlimited opportunities to writers, readers and to publishers.

This article from the Guardian says: “Kindle readers buy four times the number of books they did prior to owning a Kindle. Amazon rightly talks about a “reading renaissance”.

This is wonderful.

Sadly, the opportunities are taking a while to become apparent to everyone. Authors are defensive. Mystery novelist Sue Grafton (Alphabet series) was unkind to indie writers, as I mention on my writing blog.

The publishing industry, and books, are changing. Everyone involved in publishing is nervous, if not outright scared. We’re all nervous about change. However, since change is inevitable, we might as well relax, and enjoy it.

This Guardian article, Publishing is burning bright | Comment is free | The Guardian, gets it right:

“In fact, it almost feels like a reformation. It is not just immersive reading that is on the rise, but also creative writing. The self-publishing drive (Penguin recently spent $100m on a company that sells services to DIY writers) shows that there are vast numbers of scribblers out there, just as there are vast numbers of amateur film-makers willing to make content available on YouTube. The fact that some of these indie writers become bestsellers shows that the talent pool is widening (as are the opportunities to find those readers).”

I prefer “revolution” to “reformation”, but let’s not quibble.

As E.L. James has proved to the publishing industry, there’s money to be made if they get their heads out of their fundaments.

E.L. James has also proved to “indie writers” — self-published writers, that is — that you can write, and out-sell traditionally published writers. Not only that, you can do it with the humblest raw material: fan fiction, no less.

There’s never been a more exciting time to be involved in publishing. I love all the new opportunities, and I hope you do too.

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