Everyone Change: An Agent Becomes a Publisher

Literary agents find publishers for their authors. This is the way it was.

It’s no longer the way…

Ed Victor’s a literary agent, and is now a publisher too. He tells his story in this article, Ebook revolution can kindle a passion for publishing – Telegraph:

“Becoming a publisher has, I think, made me a better agent because I now understand so much more about how our industry needs to operate in an era of constantly shifting commercial assumptions. Until I started putting my money where my mouth is – an agent’s job could be described as asking publishers to put their money where the agent’s mouth is! – I didn’t truly understand just what a tough business we are all in now.”

Publishing’s going through immense changes. As long as we’re all prepared to change too, books will survive. And that’s all that counts, right? 🙂

I love this article, it gives me hope for the future of publishing. We all have so many tools we can use now, there’s no point in kvetching about the state of publishing. Let’s be grateful and do the best we can.

I’m convinced the future of publishing is bright, for authors, for literary agents, and for publishers. Let’s all step out of our boxes.

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