Giggle of the Day: Publishing Professionals

The publishing industry’s changing. And change is uncomfortable. Unfortunately for those people who liked publishing the way it was, there’s no going back.

I usually post my Giggle of the Day on Google+. But I’m posting it here because I want to keep it handy.

Joe Konrath’s wonderful when he eviscerates specious arguments. I laughed aloud when I read this:

The self-publishing movement, by definition, disintermediates many publishing professionals, including agents who aren’t savvy enough to keep up, and editors at legacy publishing houses. Naturally, this can seem threatening. If you own a dairy farm, and all the cows decide they can sell their own milk and no longer need you (and they’re treated better to boot), you’re in deep trouble.

Self-publishers: we’re not part of anyone’s herd

I’ve only got one quibble with Joe calling self-publishers “cows”. Generally speaking, self-publishers either were never part of the herd, or they broke free of the herd, and went their own way.

Lovely analogy though, between authors and cows. We sell our own milk, and we’re proud of it. 🙂

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