Giggling: Amazon Versus Authors

Giggling: Amazon Versus Authors

Authors: you’re in trouble. So says Douglas Preston, anyway. He’s traditionally published, as are his pals in Authors United, so they’re bewailing the fate of the publishing industry. Again.

You’d think they’d get tired of it, and leave the publishing industry to its fate, but they don’t. I’m starting to think that all this whining is just a public relations ploy so that Preston and his pals can sell more books.

You’ve got to hand it to Joe Konrath, he slices and dices with the best of them. I love his Fisking Douglas Preston article, it’s a gem:

”Doug, show me where Amazon charges excessive prices where it meets no competitors. Then show me some competitors it drove out of business.

”Wait… you can’t? Perhaps because Amazon isn’t a monopoly, or engaging in illegal business practices that drive competitors out of business? There are still a lot of bookstores, both online and physical. In fact, haven’t you heard? The number of indie bookstores is growing.”

Preston’s problem…

What, you might wonder, is this problem that Preston’s complaining about? Here it is, from Konrath’s article: “We believe Amazon has used its power in ways that harm the interests of authors, readers, booksellers, and the publishing industry as a whole.”

It’s enough to make you tired. Your mileage may vary of course, but as far as I can see, Amazon’s helping the publishing industry. After all, it’s almost single-handedly established a brand new publishing industry — ebooks.

Read Konrath’s article. You’ll find lots of laugh out loud snippets, like: “Amazon is not a monopoly. Repeatedly whining that it is one doesn’t make it so.”

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