Indie Publishing Survey: Exciting Results For Self-Publishers

Indie Publishing Survey: Exciting Results For Self-Publishers

Bestselling author recently Marie Force recently conducted an indie publishing survey.

In this blog post, Survey Indicates Indie Publishing is Pot of Gold for Some, Work in Progress for Many, Marie wrote up her findings, and reported on why authors were indie publishing:

29 percent reported they are indie authors because the frustrations are minimal. More than half the respondents say the biggest benefit to being an indie author is agility and the ability to pivot when needed.

Takeaways from Marie’s indie publishing survey

Please read the article, it offers useful insights which you’re bound to find useful as you create your indie publishing plans for 2017. They might find you changing your strategy completely, or they may confirm what you already have planned.

Indie publishing in 2016: insights…

Here are some insights from the survey: almost 2,000 indie authors took part, so it’s a fair sample.

  • In an average month, between new releases, 33% of authors report making between zero and $50. On the other hand, 15 authors (0.80%) reported making between $30,000 and $40,000. A single author reported making $500,000 per month between new releases.
  • 13% of the 2,000 authors reported that self-publishing supports their family.
  • 87% of the 2,000 authors reported earning 70% of their income from ebooks.
  • The majority of the authors survey reported that 2016 was their best year in self-publishing since 2010.
  • I found this fascinating: authors reported equal success, whether they were giving Amazon an exclusive, and their books were in Kindle Unlimited, or whether they were going wide (not in KU, publishing on multiple retailers.)
  • 50% of the authors spent less than $50 a month promoting their books in between releases.

Indie publishing going forward: the best is yet to come

This year many indie authors have reported that their sales were down, from September onwards. Marie’s survey should give you a jolt of optimism, if you found your own sales lagging — some authors had their best year in 2016 since 2010. 🙂

Read Marie’s post, and use the insights to make 2017 your best-ever year in indie publishing.

(And if you’ve yet to get into the indie publishing world, take the plunge — you’ll love it. :-))

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