Print On Demand chaos

Where will it all end? It seems that the POD world is in chaos.

An interesting post Which PODs are affected by Scamazon 2008? « PODdy Mouth – Daily Dirt on POD and Self-Publishing reports:

“There is a lot of guess work flying around the Internet about how the Scamazon shake-down will affect the POD services, and which ones it will affect the most (and why). Since I’m always up for a little conjecture, I’ll offer my two cents worth on that subject here and next time I’ll provide some data about each POD I mention to ‘justify’ my position (as if I have to do that – ha!) – I’ll focus on the 16 PODs that took part in my recent self-publishing sweet 16 tournament.”

The post makes for interesting reading – read the comments too.

If you’re writing a book and intend going the POD route, read your contract carefully.

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