Publish your book: choose your publication route

Publishing has changed. Today you’ve got many book-publication choices.

You can:

1. Find a traditional publisher (send out book proposals, get an agent, make a sale, get an advance… etc);

2. Self-publish (you have many choices here – Print on Demand, electronic publishing as PDF etc);

3. Self-publish online, using your book to gain online advertising revenue (blog your book).

Traditional book publication: it’s a long journey

To work with a publisher, you’ll need to send out query letters and/or a book proposal. A query is a letter or a few pages briefly describing your text, why it is unique, characteristics of your target market and how you can help market the book.

Most top-tier publishers don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts, so you’ll need get an agent to convince them to read yours. If they request that you forward your entire manuscript, you have one foot in the door. Be prepared to send more than one query and don’t expect a response next week.

There are writer’s guides that serve as excellent resources to find publishers who specialize in your particular genre.

These guides list the percentage of new authors published as well as the percentage of sales they pay. You may find pay rates ranging from 5-10% of sales. Some pay on wholesale sales and others on the retail amount. Do the math. Perhaps your book will retail for $14.95 and the publisher will pay 6% on retail. This means you will earn 90 cents per book sold. Of course don’t forget that the publisher is doing all the printing, distributing, and marketing of your text.

Fast-track book publication – self publishing

Another route you may want to consider is self publishing. You will be responsible for all the printing, distributing and marketing costs involved, but you will also get to retain all the profits. There are book printing companies as well as companies that specialize in assisting the self-publisher through every step along the way.

You can also opt to self publish online. This is the easiest option. However, you do need to learn the basics of online publication: how to buy a domain name, get your material uploaded to your server, and get advertisers.

Which form of publication is best for you?

In 2008, it’s completely up to you. I know several authors who’ve self published and have turned down traditional publishers who approached them.

Traditional publishing gives you prestige, but it’s far from your only option.

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