Will your book appear on the Apple tablet?

Can the Apple tablet revive the publishing industry? That remains to be seen. Apparently Apple’s been shopping the tablet around to publishers, offering a better deal to publishers than Amazon.

Publishers talk about Apple’s tablet | 9 to 5 Mac reports:

“Apple has been pitching itself against Amazon’s model specifically to the publishers.  Apple’s ‘Agency model’ gives publishers more control and freedom for pricing vs. Amazon who’ve recently restructured a small part of their publisher offering to compete with this surge by Apple.   We received the exact same wording from both people so we think this is the type of thing that Apple is touting to all publishers.  We might hear about ‘the Agency Model’ vs. Kindle’s at the event.”


Some analysts are predicting that Apple’s rumored device will sell ten million units in the first year. If so, and if the device is content-centric, then your book may indeed appear on the Apple tablet.

We live in exciting times… 🙂

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