Write a book: Write fast, publish fast

When you work and play on the Web, you’re trained to expect everything fast. As I mentioned in this post about writer’s book contracts, the idea-to-bookstore process takes around two years.

That is, from the time you get an idea for a book, develop the idea, sell the book etc is around two years, minimum. It can take much longer — I’ve had agents who shopped around manuscripts for 18 months before getting a nibble from a publisher.

This may be about to change, for some books at least.

Tina Brown’s forming a new book imprint, called Beast Books, which will publish books by writers at The Daily Beast (blog) site.

Publishers want to make money, so I think we’ll see other publishers ramping up their schedules too.

The Daily Beast Seeks to Speed Up the Publishing Process for Books – NYTimes.com reports:

“On a typical publishing schedule, a writer may take a year or more to deliver a manuscript, after which the publisher takes another nine months to a year to put finished books in stores. At Beast Books, writers would be expected to spend one to three months writing a book, and the publisher would take another month to produce an e-book edition.”

What does this mean for you as a writer? It means that you need to get your skates on, and develop good writing habits, so you can write more, and can write faster too, if you want to be published in the fast-forward years to come.


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