Crowd Funding to Self-Publish Your Book: Yes, or No?



I’m fond of saying that you can publish your book on Amazon’s Kindle platform for free. That’s not completely accurate.

You will have costs. You’ll need professional-quality editing, proofing, and a cover. They’re the basics. For a novelist, a book doctor would be nice too, if you’re creating a wish list for yourself.

After publishing a post about the crowd funding sites like Kickstarter which help to fund various small enterprises, ePublish a Book wrote a post on how much you’d require to self-publish, How to fund self-publishing your book? How much do you need to self-publish your book?:

“We also had a look at what amount of money is a reasonable amount to ask for and how to explain it. So, let’s have a look at what amount can reasonably be raised for funding self-publishing a book.

Other than actually writing the book, which is done at the authors’ expense, some crucial steps are needed before putting any book, whether self-published or not, on the shelves.”

They estimated that the professional services required would cost somewhere in the region of $5,000.

Is that accurate? Maybe.

However, from what I know of designers, editors et al, the fees quoted are something of a desire, rather than anywhere near a firm quote. You’d get professional results for half that, or even $1,000.

For example, while most designers would love to get $500 to $1,000 for a book cover, they’re only likely to get that amount from publishers, rather than writers.

Indeed, I know several writers who know their way around Photoshop and Illustrator and can turn out a respectable cover themselves in around 20 minutes. So, you can get a good cover for much less than $500. I’ve seen good covers for $50 and $100.

That begs the question however. Assuming that you do need someone to stake you to self-publishing your ebook or book, should you try the crowd funding sites?

Should you try to get your book funded at Kickstarter or similar sites?

That depends on your temperament. Creating a project on one of these sites takes time and energy. Firstly, to present your project well, and secondly, to manage the project to publicize it and get funded.

Let’s say that it takes you two weeks of several hours a day. Are you prepared to spend that amount of time when you go the crowd funding route?

You might be better off spending that time writing your next book. You can always barter for services. Barter with another writer for editing and proofreading services. Barter some writing services for graphic design with a designer.

I know one writer who sold off stuff on eBay; another writer got a weekend job, in order to hire an editor.

It’s up to you, but for most writers, crowd funding would be more of a distraction from writing, than anything else, especially if your project doesn’t get funded.

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