Ebook Cover Design: Try These Free Fonts

Are you writing and self-publishing your own ebooks? You don’t need an expensive ebook cover design, although it’s nice to have one. Many of my students fret needlessly over their ebook covers. Even if you’re not a designer, you can create your own design. Here’s what helps: a couple of great fonts for your cover.

Big tip: if you’re writing a serial or series,  make a note of the fonts you used when create your first cover design. Using the same fonts will brand your series/ serial. I keep a note with the font names in the same folder as the ebook, to make sure I remember what I used.

Here’s an excellent collection of 26 free fonts, some of which are perfect for ebook covers.

ebook cover design

Serendipity, the above typeface, is included in the collection.

Tips for creating your own cover designs

  1. Check the covers of bestselling ebooks in your fiction genre, or in your category, if you’re publishing nonfiction. Illustrations are popular in some genres;
  2. Rough designs out on paper first, so you get the balance right;
  3. Use stock images judiciously, and read the terms of service for the image you’re licensing;
  4. Be aware of Amazon’s advice regarding cover image size;
  5. PicMonkey is an easy, free online image editor you can use to make ecovers. (You can use your own fonts in the app.)

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