Fast Short Stories: New Online Writing Class

Fast Short Stories: New Online Writing Class

Over the past year or two, authors have discovered the value of short stories. Not only can you charge as much for a short story as you’d charge for a novel, readers in several genres love them.

On Amazon, the term “short stories” has a respectable monthly search volume of half a million searches, which shows that readers are searching for snack-sized fiction and are buying it. If you’re not using short stories in your self-publishing program, you’re missing out on an opportunity.

In Easy Fiction Writing: 4 Profitable Ways To Use Short Stories, we said that short stories are fun part-time projects. You can write a short story and publish it as an ebook within a few hours.

A tip: authors ask me “how long” a short story “must” be, if you want to publish it as an ebook. There are no rules — it’s up to you. Traditionally, a short story was fiction up to 15,000 words — beyond that, it’s a novella, and after around 30,000 words, it’s a novel.

Publish Fiction In 8 Hours Or Less: Conquer Short Stories

Enrollments are open for our new online writing class, Publish Fiction In 8 Hours Or Less: Conquer Short Stories. I created the class because writers were stumbling with their stories, and not getting as much out of them as they could.

When you’re writing short stories, it’s essential to know which genres sell. For example, the Mystery/ Thriller genre sells less well than several other genres, and we cover that in the class.

We also look at:

  • Clever ways you can use short stories;
  • Short story pricing;
  • Essential tactics to make your short stories satisfying to readers; and
  • How to make the most of Amazon’s Short Reads categories.

I’ll guide you through writing and publishing a short story step by step. By the end of the four week class, you’ll have written a complete short story, and will have received feedback on every stage of writing it.

The writing class’s structure and what you’ll get out of it

I’ll be offering this class at intervals of a month or two, depending on how busy I am with other commitments.

The class is strictly practical — you’ll be writing, rather than stuffing your head with knowledge. 🙂 By the time the class ends, you’ll know exactly how to use short stories in your publishing plans for 2018 and beyond, and how to write them quickly.

You’ll receive everything you need for the class each week, via a download link sent to your email address — PDFs, audio, and video — so no other purchases are required.

Estimate that you’ll spend an hour or two a week on the class.

Class begins on October 16, and enrollments are limited.

NEW CLASS: Publish Fiction In 8 Hours Or Less: Conquer Short Stories

New fiction writing class: write and sell short stories

Discover a brand new, step-by-step, class to writing and publishing short stories FAST. You can publish within hours.

This class is easy, fun, and practical. If you’ve got an hour a week, you’ll master short fiction writing and selling in just four weeks.

Join us, and take control of your fiction writing career.

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