Kindle Owners’ Lending Library: Don’t Panic

Oh dear. Panic abounds on indie authors’ forums and blogs.

Don’t panic, dear author. Amazon isn’t taking the bread out of your mouth… Kindle owners can only borrow ONE book a month, so who cares?

You shouldn’t.

I heartily second this blog post. Scott Nicholson:

“Every single move Amazon has made resulted in MORE money for all participating writers, MORE ebooks for all readers, and MORE opportunity instead of a monopoly (if you follow me at all, you know I’m a contrarian and I see huge, huge opportunity in the other markets now, which of course will have to do something to counter Amazon’s big move.)”

No one is twisting any author’s arm to take part, are they? And as Scott says, without Amazon, indie authors would be using manuscript pages for origami.

Amazon’s just giving authors more opportunity. If you’re not interested, don’t take part.

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