Love to Write? Write Short Fiction, and SELL

Love to Write? Write Short Fiction, and SELL

Here’s why you should write short fiction

* Short fiction teaches you how to write fiction — fast. (If you like you can turn a short story you love into a novel later, if it gets readers);

* There’s a market for short stories in Kindle Unlimited (bundle your short stories once you have four or five of them for additional sales);

* Short stories are an ideal way to find your readership, by testing the market for a specific kind of story;

* Short stories build your readership;

* Short stories are fun and easy to write.


Story Power: discover how stories can kickstart your fiction sales

Story Power

Why should YOU write short stories? Three reasons. They’re fast to write, they can teach you a lot, and they pay.

* New to fiction? Short fiction’s useful for new fiction writers. They can learn how fiction works, and make money, without investing months and years.

* Established in fiction? Short fiction is also useful for novelists: build your name, and increase overall sales, with frequent releases.

* Stories are POWERFUL. Everyone loves a story. In the marketing world, stories have always been powerful, and companies are becoming more aware of the fact.

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