NEW For Authors: Publish in Kindle Format, and Access Millions of Readers

Are you writing a book? If so, there’s a marketplace you may not have considered: Amazon’s Kindle.

I’ve owned a Kindle for a while, and although I loved it at first, the dinky little forward and back buttons just annoy me. I’m a fast reader, and the buttons hurt my thumbs. Then I bought an iPad, and now I read my Kindle ebooks on that: forward and back with just a tap! Magic.

All of which is a long-winded way of saying that the future of books is digital, and you can read Kindle books on just about any mobile device, which makes for a HUGE marketplace.

To be honest, although I publish ebooks, I disregarded the Kindle. Then I kept hearing from writer colleagues that they’d just published their books on the Kindle, and that sales were great. One writer told me she was publishing a book a week.

That raised my eyebrows.

What raised them even more was when she told me of the income she was making, without doing much promotion at all; she was relying on Amazon’s popularity.

This means that I’ll be taking a fresh look at the Kindle’s publishing format, and you should too.

Publishing for the Kindle is amazingly easy.

To show you how easy, I discovered this new video training, which shows you how to publish in Kindle format quickly and simply, and completely for free, using the tools you already have on your computer.

Discover how you can publish your books in Kindle format today.

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